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Director: James Klass

Producers: Rebecca J Matthews and Scott Jeffrey.

Cast: Becca Hirani, Faye Goodwin, Andrew Hollingworth. 

Status: Out now on DVD & VOD. 

Distributor: Left Films (UK), Wild Eye Releasing (US/World Wide)

Plot: The idyllic lodge at Elm Lake has a brutal past. A few years ago, a man convinced that he was possessed by Lucifer murdered his wife and child in a satanic sacrifice. When the horrific news died down, the house found a new buyer in Eric, Hayley and their daughter Penny, who move in, thinking they got a good deal... but what they don't know is that the House on Elm Lake has for centuries been home to the servants of Lucifer, and that the house holds a frightening evil waiting to be unleashed - an evil that wants the new occupants to give its house back.

Festivals & Awards:

Fake Flesh Film Festival USA

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