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Director: James Klass

Producers: Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca J Matthews.

Cast: Claire-Maria Fox, Faye Goodwin, Tony Manders, Tara McGowran,

Becca Hirani and Michelle Archer.

Status: Available on DVD & VOD now. 

Distributor: Left Films (UK) Cinedigm (USA & Worldwide)

Plot: When children are found murdered just before Christmas 1992, the locals turn on a woman they believe to be the killer, and an angry mob hang her in the woods. Before she dies, she curses the town and vows to return to take her revenge. Twenty five years later, the story is just a local legend, but when more children start to go missing again, everyone fears the curse might be true, in this terrifying re-telling of the legend of the witch Frau Perchta.

Festivals & Awards:

Toronto Indie Horror Festival CAN

Fake Flesh Film Festival USA

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