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References: Sex and The City meets Nighty Night. 

Brief plot: Struggling make-up artist Arabella Childs is finding it hard to make ends meat, and so takes a job writing a weekly article for a newspaper about her various sexual experiences in London City. We follow Arabella in this black comedy series, as she narrates her wild adventures.

Status: Treatment Available. 



References: Scream meets Pretty Little Liars. 

Brief plot: A group of young friends go camping one night to celebrate their school memories together before leaving for university. But when the group wake up in the morning with no memory of what happened, all with blood on their hands and finding the leader of the group brutally murdered, they begin to turn on one another. A year passes since the murder, and the group are soon brought together once again by taunting messages from someone claiming to know the truth. One by one, they are picked off by their stalker, along with other friends and loved ones of the group, unless they discover what really happened that night... 

Status: Scripts and Production Pack Available.

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